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 March 14,2018

       After retiring, Meryl and I made many trips to Florida to stay for the winter months before we decided to own a year-round home here. After visiting many developments we decided to purchase a home in University Place on Meeting Street built by Neal Communities. The house was of a popular style with three bedrooms and two baths and was located on a large lake out back surrounded by a nature p reserve. As the first residents,we had an opportunity to watch the street grow into a fine welcoming neighborhood.

      Nevertheless, we were aware of the fact that as we grew older we would someday have to sell the house because we would be unable to maintain it properly. So this meant that over the13 years we were residents we would have to become familiar with the local real estate market and its brokers. This is normally done by reading the literature mailed out by the many real estate brokers to keep residents informed of their activities.

      Early on we were most impressed by the professional quality of picture post-cards of houses sold by Team Cashi and frequent data cards covering real- estate transactions in University Place. The team consists of two sisters,Tami Cashi and Lori Cashi-Haught, affiliates of Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate. The team reports on all houses sold by all brokers in University Place including information on all sale prices.

      In addition to hosting a successful Open House for us the Cashi sisters suggested certain replacements such as flooring that would attract buyers, and they provided the names of experienced contractors employed by them in the past. Their selling price on my home was reasonable and acceptable to us. Fortunately, it was also within the acceptable range the buyer, thus leading to a closing within days. This is why we chose Team Cashi and we would highly recommend them to other sellers.

                                                                           Neil   Sclater


Tami and Lori sold our home for us in University Park. We selected them after a considerable search based on their attitude, local knowledge, and skills. We found that their marketing approach was spot on for getting our house noticed and visited. The folks who purchased the home placed their bid after seeing the home at the first open house we had. We feel strongly that the staging and pricing advice from Lori and Tami were crucial to this quick sale. They proved incredibly knowledgeable and helpful throughout the whole process. Highly recommend them!! 8-23-17 University Park Seller




I would recommend Tami & Lori Cashi. They were excellent to work with and communicated well towards the sale of our Condo. They were very professional and very pleasant to work with.-Bonnie Simonar, Savannah Preserves, April 2018